Interior doors are a great idea for design. And interior doors can be painted in a variety of ways. In this article, I will discuss the techniques of painting interior doors. I will show you several different options to choose from. I will also provide some tips and tricks for painting interior doors.

Interior doors are often the focal point of any room in the home. We use them to separate the living room from the dining room, and to give an unusual focal point in the bedroom when we decide to make the room a little different from the rest. If you want to add that extra touch of style and individuality, then an interior door paint job is a great way to achieve it.

If you’re tired of that boring brown or beige color, then you might want to start painting your interior doors. If you’re not sure, there’s a great guide here:

Here we share our interior door paint ideas design guide with the best colors to use for closet doors, walls, trim and jambs. Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide Interior door painting is a quick and easy method to freshen up your house. You may revamp with a new coat of white paint or add a splash of color to your interior doors to match your design style. Repainting is also a budget-friendly choice for novice DIY home remodeling!

What Color Should Interior Doors Be?

1628894536_889_Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide Spaces may easily become dreary as a result of the current trend toward white and neutral walls and décor. Painting the door in a vibrant color is a simple and quick way to add individuality and flare to a space. 

It is easy to change if you get tired with it without making a large commitment.

There are a variety of common interior door colors to choose from, but we suggest picking one that matches your inside and outside décor. Although the best color for your home is the one that makes you happy, we’d want to at least guide you in the right direction. 

Interior Door Colors to Consider

1628894537_540_Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide We’ve compiled a list of the finest colors for interior doors, as well as some design advice.


1628894538_755_Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide If you don’t want to go with a bright color or a dark black, gray is one of the best and safe interior door paint options. Start by painting the inside side of your front door to determine whether you want to paint your interior doors a different color. 

If you have sliding doors, they look great in gray as well! Find out more about the colors that work well with gray flooring in our guide.

Almost Black

1628894538_837_Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide Doors that are almost black are beautiful. True black has a lot of strength and may be unpleasant. We generally steer our painting clients away from genuine black, even if it looks fantastic in some circumstances and homes. 

Simply softening and dispersing the black by choosing a nearly black with a gray or brown undertone makes a huge impact. If we can’t convince you not to go with a virtually black, go with a black with a neutral/gray undertone to assist dilute and soften.

We expected to see a return to dark tones this year after several advertisements in Scandinavian style with its bright and vivid hues. As a consequence, popular door hues like Black Oak have gained popularity. 

However, the hue must not create gloomy or confined spaces. Dark tones are often combined with marble, which illuminates everything with its intensity, or glass doors and organic hardwood furniture in lighter finishes such as bleached oak or silk oak.


1628894539_510_Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide We realize that blue may seem to be one of the more risky interior door paint colors, but believe us when we tell that the right shade of blue can look both attractive and neutral. 

Painting your sliding French doors a lovely blue can add interest to your home. Find out more about what colors match with light blue walls in our guide.

Pastel Colors

1628894539_500_Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide Color is a nice complement to the soft and delicate tones. Bright hues have reappeared as a trend, influencing the color of interior doors. 

When you choose colorful interior doors, you’re already adorning the area around them, starting with the door frame. It’s one of the inside door paint ideas for a more sophisticated look.

Interior Door and Trim Painting Ideas

1628894540_714_Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide If you’re going to paint your door white or another light neutral, follow the design rule of thumb and match the surrounding trim. If you want to paint the door a darker color, start with the trim, let it dry for at least 24 hours, then tape it off and paint the center section. 

Black and white is a classic color combination that may be found in virtually every space, inside or out. Outside, white homes with black trim add interest and give the appearance of being more assertive. 

The combination of a black inside door and white trim, on the other hand, creates a sophisticated and attractive look that can be matched to any style preference. 

A door may reduce the amount of wall space in a room or entryway, making it seem even smaller. To make the space seem bigger, it’s critical to match the door’s color to the wall and trim. 

Maintain a conventional, basic palette, such as white or cream, for small portions. Depending on general wear and tear, a new coat of inside door trim paint may make these appealing elements stand out even more. 

Larger rooms, unlike smaller rooms, can take a bit more of a punch, thus inside doors may be painted in a brighter color. Use a full shade from the same family to complete the look. 

If you want something more dramatic, choose an accent color that you already use in other places. The combination of white trim and wood doors is ideal for anybody looking to add a touch of elegance and earthy tones to their home.

Colors for Closet Doors

1628894541_856_Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide Are you debating whether or not to match your closet doors to your walls? It’s a lot easier than you think to paint closet doors after you’ve settled on a color. Simply said, whatever color trim you use on baseboards, bedroom doors, and the rest, you should apply on closet doors as well.

Furthermore, whatever color you select, make sure all of the trim is the same color. The pantry, laundry, mudroom doors and baseboards, as well as the casings, are all painted in the same color and finish. 

Mixing colors from one trim to the next, or utilizing several trim colors in the same room, may distract from the overall uniformity of the space and is not advised. Test paint colors on the doors or trim before painting closet doors. Because, let’s face it, paint is costly, and once it’s been shook up, it’s yours. 

Color schemes for doors and walls should be diversified, with contrasting color combinations being more apparent. If your space is limited, we suggest using lighter tones for the walls and doors.

Is it fashionable to have painted inside doors?

1628894541_437_Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide Painted interior doors, like painted front doors, are difficult to ignore—and this painting style is gaining popularity. It’s a bright, exciting way to give a space individuality with less risk and commitment than an accent wall or a completely painted room.

Interior doors are sometimes overlooked when making a decorative statement, despite the fact that not all entrances should protrude from the walls. You may make the doors stand out or blend in depending on the room’s arrangement and the doors themselves.

Is it necessary to paint inside doors the same color as the walls?

1628894542_768_Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide One of the most frequent paint requests we get is to paint inside doors and trim. Interior doors and trim will stand out if painted white or a color that contrasts with the walls. 

On the other hand, painting them the same color as the walls would help them blend in and almost disappear. It will seem more spacious since there is no white trim or doors to stop your sight as you gaze around a small room. 

If your space has low ceilings, painting the baseboards and crown molding may help it seem higher. If you want a bit more contrast, go with a lighter or darker hue for the trim and doors. Don’t rule out the idea of white on white, however. 

If you want to keep it fresh but not have your doors and trim stand out, paint everything white. It’s a light, airy look that allows your accessories and furniture take center stage. Warm things up with flashes of color and lots of natural textures. 

Painting the ceiling, walls, and woodwork the same color in a tiny space helps everything blend together. Because your eye doesn’t know where to stop, the area seems to be much larger. Here’s where you can learn more about our accent wall color recommendations.

Is the door jamb painted the same color as the door?

1628617632_557_Colors-That-Go-With-Gold-Paint-Matching-Guide The molding where the door meets the wall is known as the door jamb. It’s OK to paint the door jamb the same color as the door if the transition between two rooms isn’t a problem. 

It will seem to be made of a single piece. Another option is to paint the door jamb the same color as the trim (for example, white), resulting in a three-color scheme consisting of the wall color, the trim (jamb), and the door color. It’s the most popular option, but it’s also the most practical.

Assume you have a dining area next to your front door. The entryway is gray, while the dining room is blue. 

Because the traffic flow is from the entrance to the dining, it’s preferable to paint the threshold transition region gray to match the door. Many interior designers like to use the room hierarchy as a guideline. That is, you will give priority to rooms that are considered critical. 

You don’t have to paint all of your doors in the same color. Begin with painting the closet/bathroom doors in your master bedroom to see how you like it. We constantly remind our customers that it’s only painting. If you change your mind, you can always alter it.

If you’re not ready to commit to a bold color design, keep things simple with a moderate color palette. To blend in with the warm timbers and vibrant flowers of a mid-century style home, paint the inside of your entrance door a “barely there” pink. 

To be successful, door paint ideas do not have to be big and spectacular. On this page, you can find more relevant information in our post about the many front door color choices and meanings.

Interior Door Paint Ideas (Painting Design Guide) The vast majority of people don’t know how to paint their interior doors. However, the result of this ignorance is that many stick with the tried and true methods to paint. If you’re looking to paint your door, you’re definitely not alone. It’s one of the most difficult tasks for the inexperienced painter.. Read more about best paint for interior doors and trim and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color should interior doors be painted?

This is a question that cannot be answered with certainty. There are many factors that go into deciding what color to paint interior doors, including the type of room they are in and the style of architecture.

Which color is best for doors?

The best color for doors is black.

When painting interior doors do you paint both sides?

Yes, you will need to paint both sides of the door.

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