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Established in 2015, the GOAT Group is a platform focused on sneaker culture and lifestyle. The platform consists of the popular app called GOAT, the largest sneaker marketplace, and Flight Club, a premium retail destination.

The GOAT Group’s mission is to change how we buy, sell, and discuss sneakers. This article will explore the company’s mission and impact on the sneaker industry.

Overview of the GOAT Group

The GOAT Group is a leading global platform in the sneaker marketplace. Founded in 2015, it operates through two distinct brands: GOAT and Flight Club. Both were built to change how people buy and sell sneakers, by creating an experience consumers trust.

The GOAT Group allows users to easily shop hundreds of styles direct-from-suppliers, browse thousands of curated pairs on Flight Club, access limited releases and vintage pairs unavailable elsewhere, and discover exclusive experiences like shopping events and giveaways.

The GOAT Group comprises mobile and web platforms in which customers can access the full breadth of products across each brand’s offerings. The company has seen tremendous growth since its founding—with users ranging from mere beginners passionate about collecting that perfect pair to sneakerheads willing to spend top dollar on their favourites—all looking for authenticity and convenience from their online shopping experience.

All within the same platform, customers have a total selection of over 1 million styles from 700+ brands worldwide—including limited releases, exclusive drops sourced directly through industry partnerships, clothes for all occasions, and accessories for any shopper’s desires. Additionally, embedded into every transaction is a partnership with SimbaNet for authentication services which guarantee customers will purchase only authentic goods or receive money back.

GOAT Group and its mission to change the sneaker industry

GOAT Group is a leading global digital fashion platform connecting customers to their favourite sneaker products. With the mission to change how people buy, sell and interact with sneakers, The GOAT Group has established itself as a leader in the ever-evolving sneaker community.

Founded in 2015 by two revered sneaker experts, The GOAT Group provides an unrivalled selection of 100 percent authentic footwear from coveted brands such as Adidas, Nike and Vans. Through its flagship retail platforms – GOAT, Flight Club and Super Heroic –The GOAT Group provides access to limited edition releases across the globe.

The GOAT Group’s innovative approach to sneaker ownership extends beyond product offerings with an ever-expanding suite of customer services including on-demand professional verification and cleaning services provided by Flight Club Concierge. These exclusive amenities ensure customers are always equipped with clean and authenticated sneakers while driving customer loyalty amongst The GOAT Group’s rapidly growing global fanbase.

The company also maintains relationships with some of the world’s most iconic athletes, personalities and brands helping drive brand awareness for products both on-and-offline through unique collaborations. This comprehensive offering has contributed to rapid growth for The GOAT Group since inception – making it a leader in the digital fashion space.

History of the GOAT Group

The GOAT Group is a sneaker marketplace that has changed how people purchase and resell sneakers. Founded in 2015 by CEO Eddy Lu and co-founder Daishin Sugano, the GOAT Group’s mission is to make it easier and more secure for shoe lovers to purchase their favourite shoes.

With its innovative platform and an ever-growing inventory, the GOAT Group has become the world’s leading sneaker marketplace. Let’s take a closer look at the history of the GOAT Group and how it has revolutionised the sneaker industry.

Founders and key players

The GOAT Group, an online sneaker marketplace originally named Greater Than, was founded by entrepreneurs Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano in 2015. The focus on authentic sneakers combined with their mobile-first approach has driven the company’s success.

Eddy Lu is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of The GOAT Group. He has leveraged his experience working in product and business operations at Flipboard to become an innovative leader in the ecommerce space. Before founding The GOAT Group, he was a Product Manager at YouTube and Google.

Daishin Sugano brings his expertise leading global brand initiatives, consumer insights and product innovation as the company’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder. He amps up the fashion factor for The GOAT Group, developing unique tools that enhance customer experiences on both sides of the marketplace including insights for sellers through its SNKRS by GOAT mobile app that keeps consumers up-to-date on news regarding footwear collections from popular brands like Nike & Adidas.

Since its inception, The GOAT Group has hired team members who bring valuable industry knowledge from high profile companies such as Beyond Meat, Airbnb, Easyship, Denali Ventures and more — making it one of the most diverse teams in ecommerce shopping today. Their continued strategic recruitment has driven sales growth with unique ideas that keep customers interested around each new collection drop or seasonal sale promotion.

The early days of the GOAT Group

The GOAT Group, formally known as the Greatest Of All Time Footwear Company, was founded in 2015 by CEO Eddy Lu and co-founder Daishin Sugano. The company’s original mission was to provide a reliable marketplace for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors to buy and sell authenticated wares, creating a secure and trusted destination for true sneaker lovers to meet one another.

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The group’s novel business model quickly gained traction among sneaker collectors. Its proprietary verification system — arguably the best footwear authentication service in the industry — allowed users to consistently trust their purchases when buying pre-owned shoes. In addition, the GOAT app further streamlined how collectors could easily trade by combining buyer-friendly features such as price comparison across various marketplaces, chat rooms with vetted sellers, up-to-the-minute product releases and shoe specialists who could answer questions about the history of any pair of kicks on demand.

By pioneering a more safe and efficient avenue for sneakerheads to access terrific deals within their larger community, the GOAT Group was able to quickly cement its place as an innovative leader in their niche. As it grew in popularity over its first years, it attracted investment and partnership deals from some of the biggest names in retail apparel like Nike, Adidas, Footlocker and Puma.

By raising $100 million from investors like Coatue Management LLC in 2017 — alongside mutual collaborations with brands such as Yeezy Supply led by Kanye West — the GOAT Group has continued cementing its guidance through uncharted waters of secondary marketplaces that are revolutionising how sneakers are swapped online today.

How the GOAT Group is Changing the Sneaker Industry

With the rise of sneaker culture, the GOAT Group was founded to revolutionise how we buy and sell sneakers. Through its app and e-commerce platform, the GOAT Group provides sneakerheads a vast range of options to explore and purchase authentic, rare and limited-edition footwear.

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The GOAT Group is creating a safer and more convenient marketplace for people to buy and sell sneakers, giving buyers the confidence that their pair is 100% authentic. Let’s explore how the GOAT Group is changing the sneaker industry.

The GOAT Group’s innovative approach to the sneaker market

The GOAT Group is taking a revolutionary approach to revolutionising the sneaker industry. With their mission to provide everyone access to the best sneakers, they offer a variety of innovative products and services that make selling and buying sought-after pairs easier and more secure.

The GOAT Group includes popular platforms such as GOAT (their flagship sneaker marketplace) and Flight Club (the world’s first official resale shop). These apps allow shoppers from around the globe to secure coveted sneaker releases at marked-down prices and sell gently used pairs for fast cash. The GOAT Group’s expansive selection includes almost every style imaginable – from Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, Yeezy Boost and Reebok.

In addition to their consumer-friendly platform, The GOAT Group is pioneering a Human Cure Standard Program aimed at further authenticating pre-owned pairs on its site by training experienced professionals who visually inspect every one of their offerings before they hit shelves. This process has proven extremely successful in revolutionising how we buy sneakers – guaranteeing customers only receive genuine products at great prices and lightening shipping time frames.

Innovative features such as these have made The GOAT Group an industry leader in purchasing brand name kicks in an improved manner that suits clientele needs and the overall environment better than ever before.

The GOAT Group’s impact on the sneaker industry

The GOAT Group is revolutionising the sneaker industry by empowering consumers to experience, buy and sell sneakers on a digital platform. Founded in 2015, the company has established itself as the leading marketplace for sneakers and streetwear apparel. The GOAT Group stands apart in its mission to bring trust, convenience, access and transparency to sneakerheads worldwide.

The GOAT Group seeks to provide consumers with access to all varieties of partially scarce and limited edition sneakers from companies past and present and with a 100% authenticity guarantee. As one of their primary objectives, The GOAT Group provides a safe online experience for sneakerheads—transformed from an insecure offline market with risks of counterfeit items and fraudulent purchases.

The four main components of The GOAT Group’s business model include:

  1. Selling available sneakers through their website and mobile apps.
  2. Buying previously owned items from sellers.
  3. Authenticating every item sold on their platform.
  4. Operating fulfilment centres throughout the US allows for faster customer service response times regarding shipments or returns.

Through these four channels, where customers can trust their order will be authentic. At the same time, they have access to various styles including vintage or modern colours often long out of production or almost impossible to find in stores—while both buyers & sellers have the assurance that each transaction will be protected and easy to conduct securely. All aspects of these channels combine to create a level playing field for everyone looking for shoes at any level– either price wise or style-wise.

These extraordinary efforts have earned them recognition from major outlets such as TechCrunch, Inc., Forbes SportsMoney, Fortune Magazine and more – leading them into becoming profitable earlier in 2020 than planned despite pandemic-related slowdowns in retail sales across multiple industries. As they continue expanding into new lines such as lifestyle apparel and delivering on exceptional customer experiences like Marketplace Boosts – new ways for customers to discover limited-time low prices created regularly – The GOAT Groups’ capacity for disruption inside the industry has proven that innovation is what persists even amongst dismantling retail infrastructure.

The GOAT Group’s Future

The GOAT Group is revolutionising the sneaker industry. The GOAT Group is changing how sneakers are bought, sold and traded by offering a unique combination of technology, community and customer service.

Its mission is to make the sneaker industry more accessible to all. So let’s explore the GOAT Group’s future and how its mission will shape the future of the sneaker industry.

The GOAT Group’s plans for the future

The GOAT Group is dedicated to changing the way consumers shop for sneakers. Its brick-and-mortar and online stores have successfully connected buyers and sellers worldwide and challenged the status quo of how sneakers are bought, sold and traded.

Looking ahead, The GOAT Group has ambitious plans to revolutionise global sneaker commerce even further. Its ultimate goal is to develop a larger, more comprehensive infrastructure and market that allows global access to a seemingly infinite selection of hard-to-find kicks.

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The GOAT Group is fortifying its commitment to authenticity to make this vision a reality. It’s investing in developing advanced authentication technology to further guarantee every sneaker’s quality on its platform. Its vertically integrated approach will also allow for improved distribution capabilities so customers can access sought after kicks faster than ever before.

On top of this, The GOAT Group intends to continue expanding both domestically and internationally. This includes opening more physical locations worldwide to give customers easy access to their favourite sneakers. Ultimately, these initiatives have been put in place with the unified mission of becoming the undisputed leader in sneaker commerce—one that connects people through selling rare footwear and provides a reliable source for users’ knowledge on various questions about collecting or selling shoes.

The GOAT Group’s potential to revolutionise the sneaker industry

The GOAT Group has set its sights on transforming how we buy and sell sneakers. By leveraging their dynamic range of products and services, they have become a trailblazer in the sneaker industry with their vision to revolutionise the market.

Their commitment to delivering an expert-verified online shopping and social platform has quickly taken root, allowing buyers and sellers worldwide to engage effortlessly and safely. Utilising their proprietary authentication technology, they provide a reliable check to verify authenticity before making any purchase.

Looking into the future, The GOAT Group aims to enhance their operations by introducing new services that expand upon their core manifesto: “Restoring Confidence in Sneaker Commerce”. Furthermore, they work on continuously innovating, broadening access points for global buyers and sellers in the virtual sneaker market while drastically improving user experiences via emerging technologies such as AI, mobile payments, and social media platform integration.

The GOAT Group is also increasingly collaborating with partners to offer unique festivities such as special collections by renowned designers/creatives and exclusive access events linking offline activations with augmented reality (AR) experiences. As technology continues to evolve rapidly around us, The GOAT Group promises to stay ahead of these advancements all while remaining dedicated towards delivering an unbeatable experience for its community of sneaker enthusiasts worldwide.

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