Murphy beds are the space-saving solution you need that blends functionality and style. These versatile wall beds have been popular since the early 20th century. The hidden beds help optimize the space inside your home.

With various options for Murphy beds now, buying one needs a lot of consideration before you shell out some cash. Here are the key factors you should consider when purchasing a Murphy bed.

The Purpose It Serves

Most Murphy beds are wall-mounted, so you must determine what you would buy them for. When the bed is not in use, you can fold it up on the wall or behind a cabinet, which lets you save space in your home.

However, not all Murphy beds have the same additional features. Some beds provide extra shelving, desks, and couches, which help provide storage and functionality in your room. A simple one would do if you’re using a Murphy bed for a simple guest room.

Determine your purpose for buying the bed in the first place. This is where all the other factors of your decision come into play when you know why you want the bed.

Your Room’s Layout

Assess the layout of your room and find a suitable spot to install the bed. Consider the available wall space for the bed’s orientation. A vertical wall bed suits narrow rooms with limited ceiling height. Horizontal wall beds are for rooms with higher ceilings and enough space along the room’s longer side.

Measure the wall space and leave enough floor space for storing the bed when you fold it up and down. Mark the areas you measured with a pencil to remember where to install the wall bed.

Spring or Piston Mechanism

The spring and piston systems are the two main options for the mechanisms of Murphy beds. The spring ones are from the older designs and need manual adjustment. It may need an additional mechanism since it requires other cabinetry to counterbalance the bed’s weight.

The piston mechanism uses pressurized gas to lift the bed and keep it in place. This is much safer to use, easier to install, and requires less maintenance.

Whether it’s piston or spring, you need to consider each mechanism’s features before buying the bed. They play a huge role in your comfort when you sleep.

Fixed or Flexible Bed

Murphy wall beds typically use the piston mechanism and are easy to install and remove. It also leaves minimal damage to your wall when you take it off. It’s ideal when you’re the kind of person who keeps relocating or wants to change your living space.


Floor-mounted beds that use the spring mechanism add stability to the bed and are more difficult to install.

Align your future plans with the desired flexibility of your bed. These plans help you decide which bed to get.

The Bed’s Durability

The hidden beds that you want to buy are an investment. Durability that doesn’t break the bank is a top priority when investing in beds like these. For budget-friendly options, plywood beds are much better with their superior durability than medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or participle board. MDF adds strength to your bed, even if it’s more challenging to handle.

Look at your budget and the level of durability you need when choosing the material for your bed. Make sure that the bed you choose is durable enough while spending less.

The Proper Finishing

The finishing of Murphy beds adds aesthetic value when it matches the room’s decorations. If you want the look and texture of solid hardwood, buy beds with solid wood veneer. If you want the expensive look and high quality for a lesser price, laminate veneers are your best option. Achieve the aesthetic you want without compromising your budget and quality.

Hassle-Free Murphy Bed Delivery and Installation

Understand the logistics of delivery and installation when you buy a Murphy bed. Read the shipping costs, return policies, and payment methods when you buy from a different retailer. If you’re purchasing from a local retailer, choose one that has a hassle-free delivery process.

Read the instructions for installation when you get the bed. You can ask for a professional’s help when you mount your bed to the wall. Murphy bed manufacturers like Lori Beds offer video tutorials on how you can assemble their Murphy bed unit, whether you’re buying their horizontal Murphy bed or vertical wall beds.

Lastly, overview the bed’s warranty period that the manufacturer offers. More extended warranty periods mean buying a high-quality product and getting what you paid for.

How the Bed Fits Your Lifestyle

Adding a Murphy bed to your room if you’re committed to the minimalist design and lifestyle is a perfect decision.


This bed allows you to reclaim the living space you need when you don’t use it. Whether you want to use the space for meditation or other activities, you can easily fold your Murphy bed and do your business.

Parting Thoughts

Murphy beds offer a stylistic reinvention of your space and comfort for everyday sleeping. Consider the bed’s purpose in your home, how it aligns with your lifestyle, and its durability. By taking these factors into account, you can make a sound decision whether to buy the bed now or some other time.

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