As you probably know, used candle jars can be re-used for a variety of purposes. Here are some clever ways to upcycle your old candle jars:

1. Use them as vases! Candle jars make great vases for fresh flowers or artificial flowers.

2. Use them as planters! Drill a hole in the bottom of the jar and fill with potting soil. Then, add your favorite plants or herbs.

3. Use them as storage containers! Candle jars can be used to store a variety of things like cotton balls, Q-tips, buttons, etc.

4. Use them as desk organizers! Candle jars can be used to organize your desk by holding pens, pencils, paperclips, etc.

5. Use them as light fixtures! Fill a candle jar with battery-operated lights for a beautiful and unique light fixture.

6. Use them as soap dispensers! Remove the lid of the jar and drill a hole in the center. Then, screw on a soap dispenser pump and fill with your favorite liquid soap.

7. Use them as cocktail glasses! Candle jars make great cocktail glasses. Simply add your favorite beverage and enjoy!

8. Use them as candle holders! If you want to keep using your candle jars as candles, simply add a new wick and some fresh wax.

9. Use them as decoration! Candle jars can be used to add a touch of decoration to your home. Fill them with shells, pebbles, or other small decorations.

10. Use them for crafts! Candle jars can be used for a variety of crafts like painting, decoupage, etc.

how to clean out candle jars

1. Pour the leftover wax into a disposable container

2. Fill the jar with hot water and dish soap

3. Swish it around to loosen the wax residue

4. Pour out the water and soap, then rinse the jar with clean water

5. Dry the jar off completely

6. Add a few drops of essential oil to give it a fresh scent (optional)

Collect candle jars

Collect candle jars from family and friends to upcycle them into any of these clever ways! What other ways can you think of to upcycle candle jars? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Paint the jars in your favorite colors

Turn them into fairy lights by adding some battery-operated LED lights

Use them as candle holders for an elegant touch to any room

store your makeup brushes in them or cotton balls and Q-tips

The list goes on and on – be creative!

Glue a pretty ribbon around the top of each jar for a decorative touch

Add a tea light or votive candle to each jar for a beautiful and relaxing ambiance

Enjoy your beautiful new candles!

The benefits of using candle jars

Reusing candle jars has many benefits! It reduce waste, saves money, and is a great way to be creative.

The different types of candle jars

There are many different types of candle jars available on the market. Some are made of glass, while others are made of metal, ceramic, or even wood.

The most common type of candle jar is the Mason jar. Mason jars are often used for canning food, but they can also be used for candles. They are made of glass and have a screw-on lid.

Another type of candle jar is the jelly jar. Jelly jars are similar to Mason jars, but they are smaller in size. They are also made of glass and have a screw-on lid.

The last type of candle jar is the votive candle holder. Votive candle holders are made of glass and are used to hold votive candles. They do not have a lid, but they often have a handle.

Now that you know about the different types of candle jars, it’s time to choose the right one for you!

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