You are ready to buy or sell your home in Mar Vista. Your next step is to find a Mar Vista real estate agent. But how do you know which one is someone you can trust?

It is important to be careful since making a mistake can cost you both time and money.

Get References From Several Sources

The first references are your inner circle of family or friends since they know you well. Co-workers would be good, too. Perhaps your next-door neighbor has one that they rave about.

You could also look around your neighborhood to see if there are any real estate offices, or you could look online to find ones that get good reviews. This is a big thing you are doing in your life, and it is worth it to cast a wider net.

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Talk to Several Real Estate Agents

Don’t immediately commit to the first real estate agent that comes your way. It’s always good to look around first and compare several of them before deciding. One of them may stick out more than another.

This way, you get an idea of who has been more successful in the field and who has struggled. It’s always best to go with the one who has a proven track record than one who is uncertain. It may take a bit of time, but you need to do this.

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Get References

This one is an important one. You want to talk to people that this real estate agent has worked with, and you want to make sure that they did a good job. This is a job interview … and the real estate agent will be working for you. This also goes the hiring letting agents and if you’re from Portsmouth and if you don’t know where to find then start your search by typing “Letting Agents Portsmouth” in your browsers.

So treat it like a job interview. If the tables were turned, they would want references from you. So cover yourself by asking …, and a reputable real estate agent will always have references available.

Doing all of this may seem like busy work, but it is vital to put in the legwork. You need to look all over what you have gathered and then make a decision. If you have been careful, then it will be easy to trust your gut after that.

Then it is a matter of working with your real estate agent to get your home situation resolved. You should feel confident through the next part of this. Then you can move to the next stage of your life with a new home, whether in Mar Vista or elsewhere.

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