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London-based Unmind is a leading mental health platform, offering businesses an affordable and effective solution to manage their employees’ mental health. With the help of their cutting-edge technology, the company closed a $47M series B recently to expand their reach.

This article will discuss how Unmind helps businesses and how their services can benefit their customers.

Overview of Unmind

Unmind is a digital mental wellbeing and resilience platform that helps organisations understand and improve the mental health of their employees. Unmind works with employers, HR Professionals, and employee wellness teams to create a positive culture of mental wellbeing in the workplace. Through their comprehensive platform, they enable individuals to access personalised mental health support and employers to get detailed insights into their organisation’s mental health state.

Unmind’s platform allows employees to self-rate how they are feeling surrounding various topics such as work, relationships and physical wellbeing as well as provide feedback related to stress levels, personal strengths/weaknesses, sleep patterns, diet, and additional relevant topics. Unmind guides the individual level for each user to identify areas for improvement and find applicable resources on the platform that allow for further interaction. Additionally users can book therapy appointments with accredited professionals who specialise in various forms of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), enabling them to gain advice based on internal experiences and external expert insight.

On an organisational level Unmind offers detailed insights into staff mental health analytics enabling companies greater visibility of how their people are doing regarding their mental wellbeing; this includes headcount reports giving them a broader idea into what cultural factors may be contributing towards those existing issues. Overall these reports allow organisations to better comprehend any existing trends amongst teams or subgroups within them which can help inform future changes whether it be organisational or interpersonally focused – depending on where they sense issues may be arising from. Ultimately this helps ensure a more motivated workforce that can perform better longer due higher levels of engagement arising from having support physically present around them.

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Benefits of Unmind

London-based Unmind, a workplace mental health platform, recently closed a $47M Series B to expand its platform.

Unmind is dedicated to helping businesses create environments that prioritise mental health. In addition, the platform is committed to fostering meaningful dialogue and empowering employees to take control of their mental wellbeing.

Let’s explore what Unmind has to offer businesses.

Mental health support

Unmind provides a platform of resources, tools, and expert advice to help employees access mental health support quickly and at any time. It is a secure, interactive platform designed to maximise the engagement of its users to improve their emotional wellbeing. In addition, the platform’s sophisticated analytics can provide tailored recommendations for each individual based on their input and feedback.

Unmind offers several features that allow employers to create a mental health-supportive environment for their employees. It helps businesses design programs tailored specifically to them and gives them access to clinical-grade assessments as part of their Mental Health First Aid program. This enables employees to learn about risk factors and act on them before negative symptoms present themselves. Moreover, Unmind’s app also provides audio programs with specific topics such as sleep enhancement or stress relaxation and self-paced learning courses on recognizing triggers of poor mental health in oneself or others around them.

The beauty of Unmind is that it is incredibly easy for employers to use – just requiring an email address or phone number – meaning human resources departments can get up and running quickly with no additional hardware requirements or IT support needs. Additionally, through integrating Unmind into the workplace environment, organisations can become advocators for mental health by reducing stigma associated with talking about psychological wellness issues, promoting mindfulness practices throughout their teams and developing healthier working habits across departments resulting in improved staff wellbeing, reduced turnover rates and higher levels of overall job satisfaction within the business itself.

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Accessible and personalised services

Unmind is a cloud-based mental health platform designed to provide companies with accessible, personalised services tailored to the needs of their employees. Unmind offers a wide range of services from on-demand counselling to expert advice, helping employees take control of their mental wellbeing and giving them the tools they need for self-care.

The platform is customizable and can be tailored to fit each individual’s needs, depending on the service type. This includes content from psychology experts, podcasts and programs that support anxiety, depression, trauma and more. The platform also includes an AI “assistant” that provides personalised tips and information tailored to each individual’s situation. In addition, Unmind offers employers tools to measure employee engagement and sentiment, helping employers identify potential areas where they may need additional support and what strategies would be most effective in engaging their employees.

The platform has been designed with accessibility in mind; it is available across multiple devices, including mobile devices, so users can access it anywhere at any time. It also provides discreet access where appropriate, ensuring employees feel comfortable when seeking help or advice related to mental health issues. Unmind can also be integrated into businesses’ existing systems or workflows such as human resource management systems (HRM) meaning users don’t have to search high and low for solutions either online or away from their device – allowing for easy access whenever needed without worrying about privacy issues associated with storing personal information online or in emails etc., leaving more time for treatment rather than paperwork!

Enhanced productivity

Using Unmind as an employee wellbeing resource can substantially improve business performance, such as increased productivity and concentration levels. Unmind is designed to help businesses proactively support their employees’ mental health through various methods. These include providing evidence-based psychological education and navigating tools, digital coaching resources, work assessments, and interactive recreational activities like puzzles and games.

The platform allows employers to treat stress-related symptoms by providing informative articles on topics such as recognizing anxiety or improving self-acceptance. Moreover, it has exercises for mitigating symptoms associated with common mental health conditions. Enhancing their problem-solving skills helps employees cope better with their stressors and stay motivated.

Unmind also provides innovative functionalities like guided relaxation practices and self-monitoring features allowing users to assess their emotional states in real time. Finally, Unmind’s sophisticated analytics track employee engagement levels that offer valuable insights into which areas are more likely beneficial for effective work management.

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How Unmind Works

London-based Unmind is a workplace mental health platform that helps businesses understand and manage their employees’ mental health. It provides various tools and services to help employers identify and address the root causes of mental health issues.

Unmind also closes a $47M series B funding round to expand its platform and reach more businesses. This article will explain how Unmind works and how it benefits businesses globally.

AI-driven platform

Unmind is an AI-driven platform designed to help businesses and organisations improve their employees’ mental health and wellbeing. Using data science and machine learning, Unmind’s platform provides predictive insights for employers about the mental health of their staff, as well as tools to assist them in managing stress and developing emotional resilience.

Unmind’s platform uses anonymized data collected from user interactions with Unmind’s apps and websites, such as surveys, polls, psychological assessments, readings of articles or resources, or other activities to develop a deeper understanding of an individual’s mental health. The platform then helps employers identify trends in their workforce so that they can better understand how stress might be impacting team members.

The AI-driven platform also offers tailored content that educates employees on specific topics related to mental health—such as stress management techniques—and provides more direct wellbeing support solutions like one-to-one therapy sessions with qualified counsellors. Furthermore, Unmind has developed a powerful set of business tools that enable employers to create tailored policies for employee wellbeing—such as setting up “wellbeing days off” or offering discreet mental health benefits—leading to improved morale across teams and productivity outcomes for the business.

Personalised content

At Unmind, we provide tailored content for each member of an organisation. Our powerful AI-driven technology ensures that content is personalised to each person’s unique needs.

Rather than providing a generic solution to everyone in an organisation, our personalised content can be tailored to incorporate more specific factors such as job role, personal objectives, current mental health state, lifestyle and interests. With support from our data insights and deep understanding of how employees interact with their workplace environment and organisation culture, we can deliver content that isn’t only relevant to the individual and meaningful enough to inspire change and sustained engagement.

We know that the right piece of content can make a difference at work – helping employees prevent burnout or second guess their anxiety — which is why we allow organisations to shape their platform with business objectives in mind. So as well as customising employee profiles with tailored recommendations of useful applications such as mental health resources or sleep tracking tools, our clients can also design bespoke microlearning courses for increased knowledge retention across their business – all for them to achieve measurable ROI from Unmind’s platform.

Tools and resources

Unmind provides advanced tools, resources and insights to help businesses boost the well-being of their workforces. Its comprehensive platform offers access to a library of self-help therapies, personalised mental health action plans, meditation sessions, short coaching programs and more. These tools are tailored to every user so that their experience is as relevant and beneficial as possible.

The platform ensures employers and employees get the best out of their Unmind experience with proactive recommendations based on machine learning algorithms designed to reduce stress and improve psychological well-being. Unmind also offers informative articles about the latest developments in mental health research, closely monitoring academic findings and presenting them in a format easily digestible for employees (e.g., fact sheets).

With Unmind’s intuitive dashboard, businesses have access to reports on an employee’s progress, allowing them to quickly identify any risks or challenges that individual workers may present. This way, employers are kept abreast of how staff members cope throughout the workday; proactively addressing issues before they become acute.

Finally, Unmind’s clinical team is always on hand to offer advice or provide more detailed analysis when requested; ensuring businesses have all tools they need to better support its employees’ mental health needs while unlocking greater performance from their entire workforce.

Unmind’s Impact on Businesses

London-based Unmind, a workplace mental health platform, has recently closed $47M series B to expand their services. This investment enables Unmind to help more businesses worldwide by providing access to mental health support.

By doing so, Unmind has the potential to improve employee morale and productivity, as well as reduce absenteeism, turnover, and ultimately strengthen the business.

Let’s look at how Unmind can help a business.

Improved employee engagement

Unmind’s business solution provides valuable insights into workplace mental health and can help companies create tailored programmes to improve employee engagement. Unmind’s customised user experience is designed to help employees build resilience and grow in confidence. This can drive improved motivation, creativity and productivity.

The platform provides evidence-based approaches such as Mindfulness, CBT and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching that enable businesses to intervene early and reduce the psychological impact of stress, anxiety, depression and poor wellbeing. As well as helping businesses improve existing practices to be more mindful of staff wellbeing, Unmind also provides access to a network of certified Mental Health Experts that can provide coaching for those experiencing more severe issues or help formulate company-wide mental health policies.

Through its user-friendly interface, Motivation Tracker game pieces and personalised surveys, Unmind allows employees to regularly register their feelings online. This data helps managers better understand individual needs amongst their teams so that action can quickly be taken when necessary. Studies have shown that companies using Unmind have seen increased motivation levels among staff with a 26% reduction in absence from mental health issues alone. Furthermore, improvements in team morale result in an 11% peak performance increase overall with 53% fewer sick days over 12 months*. Finally, with 66% of those who use the platform reporting improved performance at work** It is clear how critical this technology has become for businesses in the contemporary landscape where stressors are increasing daily.

Reduced employee absenteeism

An effective mental health strategy, implemented inside and outside the workplace, helps improve overall health, increase productivity and reduce employee absenteeism. Unmind offers a range of services that can help to support improved mental wellbeing and health in the workplace.

Unmind’s digital platform allows employers to provide their employees access to personalised recommendations on improving their wellbeing through healthier lifestyles, better nutrition and relaxation exercises. The platform also enables anyone in the organisation – from CEO’s to line managers – to have an easy-to-understand overview of individual and collective employee mental health status. Then, through an effective analysis of the data generated, organisations can identify trends or warning signs before they become more serious problems that lead employees off work for extended periods.

Unmind’s technology also allows employees who may be dealing with anxiety, stress or depression a safe space where they can talk about their issues without fear of stigma or judgement. By allowing staff members experiencing difficult times to communicate openly about their issues, Unmind is helping businesses protect their most important asset – people – by reducing employee absenteeism. This directly impacts businesses by providing cost savings from reduced payroll costs associated with absenteeism and increased productivity due to healthier employees being present each day.

Increased employee retention

Using Unmind, companies can dramatically improve employee engagement and retention, by taking a proactive approach to their mental health. Unmind’s evidence-based psychological training program guides employees through stress management, resilience building, communication skills, and more. It also provides businesses the tools to facilitate objective conversations around employee wellbeing including regular check-ins and targeted training.

As a result of using Unmind’s training program, businesses have seen a significant reduction in absenteeism due to mental health issues and an increase in overall performance levels across departments. The resources provided by Unmind are designed to reduce stress levels among employees while providing them with the necessary skills they need to succeed professionally. Companies that have implemented Unmind programs report higher job satisfaction rates amongst their staff members and improved turnover rates due to increased employee retention.

Additionally, organisations that use Unmind consistently see improved performance metrics such as productivity and profitability which are further boosted by the increased engagement of their workforce. This creates an environment where creativity and collaboration flourish, resulting in innovative product solutions that deliver tangible success for employers and employees on an individual level.

London-based Unmind closes $47M series B to expand its workplace mental health platform

London-based Unmind recently closed a $47M series B funding round to expand its workplace mental health platform. This news demonstrates how Unmind is well-positioned to help businesses with their mental health needs, and shows its impact on the mental health industry.

In this article, we’ll discuss how Unmind can help businesses and the impact their recent funding round will have.

Series B funding round

Unmind, a leading mental health and well-being service provider, announced the completion of its Series B funding round. This brings their total equity and debt funding to $42 million, with the help of investors such as Octopus Ventures and LocalGlobe. The funding will allow Unmind to scale up their operations throughout the UK and beyond, enabling it to continue providing services for organisations and individuals.

This latest raise follows tremendous success in 2020 when Unmind achieved a 500% year-on-year revenue increase along with meeting profitability targets for all four quarters of 2020. These results have been enabled by their expertise in engineering highly effective mental health services for organisations, often at scale using digital technology. Through evidence-based approaches, organisational partnerships and innovative research projects they continue to deliver groundbreaking work helping over 1 million people each month access support when they need it most.

The funds will be used to extend into more markets outside of the UK, helping more businesses provide the highest quality mental health support for their employees facing unique challenges during this still turbulent period due to Covid 19 pandemic. As well as expanding internationally, Unmind plans use these funds to develop new products as they deepen their offering around screening programmes/HQW assessments to create further product innovation around “IoT” like capabilities which could dramatically improve user experience.

Expansion plans

Businesses can now expand their mental health support options with Unmind. With an increased understanding of mental wellbeing they can create lasting change in the workplace and reduce the prevalence of stress and anxiety amongst staff. Unmind helps businesses identify opportunities to increase employee engagement, resilience and performance while addressing decreases in productivity, absence and presentation worries often caused by poor mental health.

Unmind offers a range of tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes, ranging from self-help tools available on its website to more structured holistic programs tailored to specific employee needs. Through its expansion plans, Unmind also offers Mental Health First Aid training to provide workplace first responders with the skills needed to identify early distress signals, help employees find signposting information or support networks if necessary, and offer targeted advice on responding should a crisis occur. This helps build a safe space in which employees feel comfortable discussing their concerns knowing that their needs are being taken seriously by the business or organisation.

Furthermore, Unmind also provides advanced employee analytics resources such as infrared surveys for both benchmarking purposes as well as periodic analysis of the current state of affairs so employers can spot trends in an organisation’s workforce over time before those problems escalate. By providing comprehensive insight into employee engagement cross-organisationally during regular intervals employers have access to accurate data points enabling them to understand actionable steps towards creating healthier working environments for eventual success in tackling mental health issues within their organisations.

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