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BukuWarung, a startup digitizing Indonesia’s SMEs, has recently announced that it has secured a new funding round from Rocketship.vc. This marks an exciting milestone for the company as it strives to create greater accessibility and financial inclusion for small businesses in Indonesia.

With the new funding, BukuWarung is well-positioned to transform how small businesses are managed and operated, ushering in a new era of economic growth for the country.

Overview of BukuWarung

BukuWarung is a technology-based venture in Indonesia established in 2019 that aims to help the country’s millions of small and medium business owners (SMEs) digitize their businesses.

The company creates a customized Point of Sale (POS) software that can be tailored to the needs of each SME to make it easier for them to accept payments and keep track of their finances. As part of its mission, BukuWarung also provides access to financial services such as microloans and accounting advice, allowing SMEs to leverage digital solutions for better financial management.

Recently, BukuWarung announced that it has received a significant investment from Rocketship.vc, an early-stage venture capital fund based in Southeast Asia. The company will use this new funding to provide more comprehensive tech solutions for its customers and expand into new markets within Indonesia. With this new investment, BukuWarung hopes to empower Indonesian SMEs and increase economic growth and create more jobs throughout the country.

Overview of Rocketship.vc

Rocketship.vc is a venture capital firm based in Southeast Asia, focused on partnering with and investing in early-stage companies that can potentially transform the region. The firm has made numerous investments across various sectors including fintech, e-commerce, and travel technology. In addition to providing capital to its investee companies, Rocketship.vc works alongside founders to guide growth, scaling and market entry strategies.

Most recently they have partnered with Indonesian startup BukuWarung – a tech enabled business which helps digitize and simplify everyday transactions for the country’s SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). This funding will enable BukuWarung to accelerate their growth by increasing their customer base, expanding their product range and launching new services for retailers across Indonesia.

BukuWarung, a startup digitizing Indonesia’s SMEs, raises new funding from Rocketship.vc

BukuWarung, a Jakarta-based startup focused on digitizing Indonesia’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs), has announced new funding from Rocketship.vc. The funding round is reportedly worth US$2 million and will be used to accelerate BukuWarung’s development.

BukuWarung’s mission is to help SMEs join the digital economy and take advantage of its opportunities by leveraging technology. Let’s take a closer look at the details of the funding round.

Amount of funding

BukuWarung, a startup digitizing Indonesia’s SMEs, recently announced it has secured a new funding round from Rocketship.vc. This new funding will enable BukuWarung to accelerate the growth of its technology platform, helping more small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) become successful entrepreneurs across Indonesia.

BukuWarung has secured $3 million in investments from Rocketship.vc and other investors such as Bluescape Capital Management LP in this new funding round. With this additional investment, BukuWarung plans to continue its mission of empowering the country’s SMEs by providing essential financial services such as payments and loans at an affordable cost.

The resulting funds will help BukuWarung continue investing in product development and scale up operations across markets in South East Asia over the next 18 months – supporting aspiring business owners by enabling their success with access to resources previously inaccessible without time-consuming visits to banks or potentially fraudulent informal lenders.

Rocketship’s investment also underscores their commitment to investing in early-stage startups looking to revolutionize the tech market of SouthEast Asia. They believe that with the increase of technology adoption for financial inclusion currently seen throughout the region, there is massive potential for digital businesses such as BukuWarung to make an impact on millions of SMEs across Southeast Asia who can then access these products securely and affordably over multiple geographies using digital payments systems enabled by cloud software platforms like BukuWarung’s proprietary open payments platform.

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Investors involved

Rocketship.vc is the lead investor in BukuWarung’s new round of funding. Rocketship is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in startups creating meaningful impact in the Asia Pacific region. It has a strategic focus on Indonesia, and its investments have included companies such as Go-Jek, Halodoc, Oro.id, SiPACODE and Oto Eats.

The new round also includes participation from existing investors East Ventures; SMDV; PT Central Capital Ventura (CCV); 500 Startups; Amartha Microfinance; Innowave Ventures; Axioo Group; KawanLama Group; Japan’s Global Brain Corporation (GBC); and GREE Ventures Japan (GVJ). As a result, BukuWarung’s total amount of funding raised to date now amounts to $12 million over three rounds.

These investors will help BukuWarung further the growth of their platform that provides integrated tools for business owners in Indonesia to access financial services, manage their inventory and customers, and easily process payments from customers safely and securely within their app experience.


BukuWarung, a startup focused on digitizing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia and helping unbanked Indonesians access financial services, has raised new funding from Rocketship.vc. The round values the company at a pre-money valuation of $71 million and takes the total amount the startup has raised to $37 million.

The funds from this round supported BukuWarung’s product launch earlier this year, which aimed to support Indonesia’s MSME sector with better automation capabilities, which is essential during the pandemic period as it prevents SMEs from reducing staff while continuing operations. This new system also provides digital payroll services to workers with access to convenient financial options.

The new investment round was led by Rocketship.vc with participation from existing investors – including Wavemaker Partners, Y Combinator, Quona Capital and SIG Asia Investment (a subsidiary of Susquehanna International Group). With this fundraise complete, BukuWarung is now gearing up to expand its reach across multiple areas, including their digital payments platform and alumni network in Indonesia, to make greater business impact across various locations to support Asian entrepreneurs through its accelerator programs.

Impact of Funding

The new funding from Rocketship.vc for BukuWarung, a startup digitizing Indonesia’s SMEs, is a significant milestone for the startup. The influx of new capital will provide BukuWarung with the resources to continue expanding its services and operations.

This round of funding will have a lasting impact on BukuWarung, both in terms of its immediate and long-term goals. First, let’s look at the potential impact of this new funding.

Expansion Plans

BukuWarung, a startup digitizing Indonesia’s SMEs, raises new funding from Rocketship.vc. The two million dollar investment comes with a mission to simplify small business operations across Southeast Asia through its digital product platform.

The firm will channel the funding towards boosting its technological prowess and accelerating market expansion. This includes upgrades in UI/UX for its existing product suite and expanding its presence into Malaysia and Vietnam by the end of 2020. The firm also retains plans for further investments in machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered decision making systems to assist Indonesian merchants in improving their operations’ efficiency.

Overall, this move aims to significantly improve the services offered to local businesses in Indonesia and beyond, revolutionizing how they interact with customers and conduct operations; a move that can have a far-reaching impact on local communities in Southeast Asia.

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Job Creation

With the newly-acquired funding from Rocketship.vc, BukuWarung will be able to expand its operations and create more jobs for Indonesia’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In addition, the startup hopes to accelerate digital migration of SMEs in Indonesia, increasing their reach and impact locally and abroad.

The secured funds will primarily be used to acquire more talent to help BukuWarung’s mission. This will include hiring software engineers, designers, customer service personnel and other professionals who can contribute significantly to transforming Indonesia’s financial services landscape through digital transformation.

Furthermore, through technology upgrades from the new funding, BukuWarung can extend its services by integrating a money transfer service into its platform. The money transfers capability intends to further expedite payments made on their platform. This way contribution by end users is not hindered by slow payments processing times created by traditional banking systems.

BukuWarung expects other stakeholders to benefit from these new investments and job creations. For example, small businesses struggling with limited resources have benefited extensively due to BukuWarung’s digitization efforts, allowing them access to reliable payment platforms and financial services, a prospect that was once inaccessible for many of them before the startup’s existence.

With further investment into AI-powered data analysis tools they hope they could push the boundaries even further enabling others access to even more innovative solutions so they can focus on expanding their business instead of fighting problems that technology can solve quickly on their behalf such as product tracking or management system etc.

Therefore, with increased funding and job creation opportunities provided by BukuWarung’s new partner RocketShip Ventures, Indonesian entrepreneurs stand enhanced chances of converting their single basement owned business into full-fledged empires using modern technological solutions at an unprecedented scale globally.


BukuWarung, a startup digitizing Indonesia’s SMEs, has recently announced a new funding round from RocketShip.vc. While this influx of funding can allow the company to expand their operations, it also brings various new challenges.

This article will explore the possible issues BukuWarung may face to try and capitalize on this funding.

Regulatory Hurdles

BukuWarung, a startup digitizing Indonesia’s SMEs, recently raised US$ 2M in a new funding round led by Rocketship.vc. The funds will further pursue the company’s mission of providing financial inclusion to micro and small merchants across Indonesia while simplifying transactions for users.

While this new injection of funding will greatly help the company’s operations and expansion, the Indonesian market still presents significant regulatory hurdles for fintech companies like BukuWarung. This is due to regulatory complexities surrounding banking activities and data privacy concerns, making it difficult for startups to set up businesses in Indonesia. Furthermore, navigating the local cultural differences and finding skilled engineers who can work on complex projects can be a challenge for non-Indonesian businesses entering this market.

These barriers make it imperative that BukuWarung takes additional measures to ensure that they can navigate these regulations and cultural nuances effectively, as being compliant with local laws is vital for them to be successful in Indonesia’s rapidly growing digital payments market.

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BukuWarung faces stringent competition from other fintech startups operating in the same space. Its main competitors, AirPay and KCASH, are Indonesia-based mobile payments solutions companies providing products to unbanked customers. The subsequent competition on pricing, availability and customer service has made it increasingly important for BukuWarung to efficiently differentiate its services from its rivals.

The company also needs to invest heavily to keep up with the progress in mobile technology, which would allow them to extend their services into rural areas and create new customer segments. Moreover, as banking penetration grows in Indonesia, BukuWarung will face numerous incumbents such as DANA and OVO which already have a presence in the market area by providing similar financial solutions which could pose a threat for BukuWarung’s growth plans.


BukuWarung, a startup digitizing Indonesia’s SMEs, recently announced the successful closing of an undisclosed amount of funding from Rocketship.vc. This new round of funding will help BukuWarung accelerate its efforts in helping Indonesia’s small- and medium-sized business owners optimize their operations and generate more revenue through digital platforms. The strategic partnership between BukuWarung and Rocketship.vc promises to provide unique opportunities for both companies in the growing Southeast Asia market and globally.

This investment bolsters BukuWarung’s capabilities as an integrated suite that supports SMEs across Indonesia with streamlined technologies such as banking, credit scoring, invoicing, payrolls and more, while having access to merchant partner networks that helps facilitate inbound cash flows. The recent funding injection could potentially help increase user growth, while enhancing existing infrastructure and setting them up for entry into other markets both regionally within Asia Pacific and internationally.

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