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Network threat detection and response startup Netography has just announced that it has raised $45M in a Series B financing round led by OpenView. This news comes at an important time, as the security landscape is rapidly changing and organisations are increasingly looking to advanced technology to help them protect their networks and data. The latest investment will help Netography build on its existing offerings and expand its network threat detection and response reach.

Overview of Netography

Netography provides the world’s most advanced Network Threat Detection and Response (NTDR) platform. The company creates an Integrated and Autonomous NTD Platform providing early detection of threats, predictive response to contain exposure, and seamless investigation for validation and remediation.

Netography leverages advanced proprietary technology that enables it to identify threats at the network level, across all network layers. This helps organisations detect abnormal activity before it impacts business operations, while significantly reducing false positives.

Netography’s platform can deploy quickly and efficiently in any environment, including Self-Defending Network (SDN) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN). It also provides real-time visibility into the entire lifecycle of a threat – from inception to containment – allowing organisations to defend against emerging threats in real time.

The company has recently raised $45 million in a Private Equity Round from leading investors including Redpoint, Insight Partners and Lightspeed Ventures which is being used to fuel product development for its integrated NTD Platform as well as scaling operations globally. With this new capital Netography will create partnerships with leading cloud providers to enable onshore data centres with secure access control layers offering additional protection against data breaches while adding capabilities such as distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection.

Funding Round

Network threat detection and response startup Netography has secured a whopping $45M funding round led by a major venture capital firm.

network netography 45m synrileysiliconangle

The funding round will support the startup’s mission to develop technology and services to fight cyber threats and protect organisations from malicious cyber activities. In addition, this investment further strengthens Netography’s position in the cybersecurity industry and supports product innovation and market expansion.

Amount Raised

Netography, a U.S.-based startup providing advanced network threat detection and response solutions, announced it has completed a $45 million funding round. The amount raised makes this one of the largest investments in the network security space and cements Netography’s position as an emerging leader.

The new funding was led by Tenaya Capital, with participation from existing investors including Google Ventures (GV), Lux Capital and Boldstart Ventures. This brings Netography’s total outside financing to date to $73 million.

The investment will drive development of new products and growth of Netographys’ go-to-market strategy to meet growing demand from customers worldwide looking for more effective ways to protect their networks from sophisticated cyber attacks. In particular, Netography is helping cybersecurity professionals improve visibility into their networks beyond traditional threats – including recognizing anomalous/unwanted traffic behaviour to identify early-warning signs for heightened risk levels before an attack can occur.

Investors Involved

Netography, an Austin-based cybersecurity company focused on network threat detection and response, announced today that it has raised a $45 million Series B funding round. Led by venture capital firms Sutter Hill Ventures and Greylock Partners, the investment included participation from Blackstone’s Tactical Opportunities and several existing investors.

The Series B funding brings Netography’s total capital raised to date to $97 million since its inception in 2016. Netography has coined itself as the “network detective” due to its ability to detect advanced threats before they can be exploited. The company provides organisations with visibility of their network traffic so that potential external threats can be identified and blocked before any damage can occur. The expansive data set generated by Netography is also used by customers for proactive intelligence gathering, developing use-case specific analytics, fine-tuning security policies, and driving streamlined incident response processes.

Netography plans to use the new funds to scale operations and accelerate research and development into building out its security platform capabilities. With the funding round now closed, Netnography will actively focus on expanding its global reach while continuing to foster relationships with strategic partners across industries including government organisations and Fortune 500 companies.

Netography’s Services

Netography is a network threat detection and response startup that recently raised $45M. They provide a range of services for their clients, from identifying and detecting threats to helping with response and containment. As a result, their services have become increasingly popular among companies looking for comprehensive security solutions. This article will take a closer look at what Netography offers.

Network Threat Detection and Response Startup Netography Raises $45M

Netography provides a comprehensive network threat detection and response solution for enterprises. Our services use automated up-to-date threat intelligence and analytics to identify emerging threats, monitor networks for suspicious activity, and protect customer data. Our service is designed to be adaptive and scalable depending on the size of the business or organisation.

When customers opt in to our service, they receive proactive alerting when potential threats are detected. This alerting can be triggered by any suspicious activity that may portend future harm to a customer’s network, such as malicious file downloads, denial of service attacks, or unauthorised access attempts. Alerts can also be tailored to look for other key indicators of network compromise such as an increase in outbound traffic. All alerts are then backed up with detailed contextual information so customers have all the information they need to take action quickly and effectively mitigate any potential harm.

Netography’s network threat detection and response solution is designed to comprehensively monitor customer networks 24/7/365 – including on-premise infrastructure, cloud environments, devices connected through virtual private networks (VPNs), cloud applications like Salesforce or Office 365, as well as critical resources like Active Directory objects.

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Ongoing analysis gives customers insights into ever-evolving malicious attack approaches before they cause damage, allowing customers to adapt their defences accordingly. Our services give customers peace of mind knowing that their network is safeguarded against today’s sophisticated cyberthreats.

Automated Threat Detection

Netography’s automated threat detection service uses advanced AI algorithms to detect malicious traffic from internal and external networks. This helps to identify zero-day threats quickly, enabling organisations to address security issues before they escalate and become a problem. The system monitors for strange behaviour on the network. In addition, it tracks the root cause of any potential attack or malware infection, allowing administrators to take preventative measures before the attack reaches your assets.

Netography’s detection technology also automates manual processes such as security log management, incident response, forensic analysis, traffic forensics, asset monitoring and more. It consolidates multiple data streams into a single platform so teams can search and trace across multiple devices to identify underlying threats in real-time. Integrated threat intelligence allows organisations to aggregate insights from external sources – both global and local – to gain a comprehensive view of their network landscape. This helps defend against attackers constantly adapting their tactics while aiding investigations into existing incidents or rehearsing responses for future attacks.

Impact of The Funding

Network threat detection and response startup Netography has announced the successful completion of $45 million in Series B funding. This latest round of funding is led by Lightspeed and brings the company’s total funding to $75 million. This new injection of capital will help the startup to focus on further developing its products and services, which are designed to provide enterprise customers with the highest levels of security. Let’s take a closer look at how this funding will impact Netography and its capabilities.

Expansion of The Company’s Services

This new funding means that Netography can expand the services it offers to customers. The company offers distributed and scalable threat detection solutions for enterprise, service provider and cloud networks. With the fresh capital injection, Netography plans to invest in research and development, expand its customer base, build on its technology platform and further its product innovation.

The company aims to provide customers with advanced cybersecurity capabilities that automate real-time network threat detection and incident response across multiple network devices. The solution leverages advanced analytics infrastructure at the network layer and combines machine learning techniques and big data indices to detect anomalies and malicious activities quickly. It is also built on a comprehensive set of APIs that enable customers to integrate threat intelligence into existing security operations flows.

Netography works with several major technology partners in the industry, including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. Together they collaborate on a jointly developed architecture that harnesses cloud computing services to achieve cost-effective scalability while delivering a consistent user experience across platforms. This combined offering allows Netography’s customers to simplify their security operations while achieving better visibility of their networks’ activities.

Increased Customer Base

The successful funding of Netography’s business expansions has enabled them to significantly increase their customer base and user engagement. This has enabled them to offer their services to an even wider range of customers, ensuring they can better protect their client networks from malicious threats. Moreover, the influx of funds have also allowed Netography to develop and maintain new security offerings, enabling them to provide their customers with the latest innovative solutions for network threats.

As a result of the recent funding round, Netography has expanded its resources and customer base by adding more teams and incorporating new technologies into its system architecture. This allows for a higher performance level when tackling risks like malware, fake news campaigns, and other large-scale network threats. In addition, an expanded customer base enables Netography’s team to conduct more detailed threat investigations to locate the root causes of any malicious act. Furthermore, they can now assess risk more efficiently with improved accuracy, resulting in cost savings through more precise identification events that can be addressed quickly and effectively.


Network security startup, Netography, announced on Wednesday that it had raised $45M in Series B funding.

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This round of funding is a testament to the increasing need for network threat detection and response solutions among businesses. With this infusion of capital, Netnography can expand its reach and hire more engineers to develop cutting-edge security solutions. Let’s take a look at what this means for the company and the industry as a whole.

Summary of The Funding Round

Netography, the leading provider of network threat detection and response solutions, announced earlier this week that it has raised $45 million in a Series C funding round led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

The funding took the form of a preferred equity investment, totaling $45 million. The round saw participation from existing investors Dell Technologies Capital and GV (formerly Google Ventures), new investors M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures) and Ubiquity Ventures.

Netography aims to use this capital injection to further accelerate its growth in the market for network security solutions. The company plans to expand its enterprise customer base by improving its existing products, launching new features and investing in partner integrations. Additionally, Netography’s vision is to enable organisations of any size to detect, investigate and respond quickly to sophisticated threats on their networks with much greater insight and confidence than previously possible.

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