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Hootsuite recently acquired Heyday, an AI leader, for CA$60 million to boost their digital marketing capabilities and open up new possibilities. By leveraging Heyday’s AI technology, Hootsuite will be able to create more powerful digital marketing tools that can help businesses succeed online. In addition, this acquisition sets the stage for introducing brand-new AI-powered marketing tools and initiatives in the coming months.

Hootsuite Acquires AI Leader Heyday for CA$60 Million

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that simplifies managing multiple accounts across multiple networks. It lets users quickly find and monitor content, schedule messages, collaborate with team members, and measure their performance. Founded in 2008, Hootsuite has more than 16 million users worldwide and services thousands of brands.

Hootsuite is continually exploring new ways to improve its platform to benefit customers and stay ahead of the competition. By leveraging Heyday’s AI technology, Hootsuite can optimise its optimization recommendations for user profiles, automatically identify more relevant topics for content distribution, automate the scheduling of posts from relevant sources during peak times on social networks, and suggest better posts for users who need to reach a specific target audience. In addition, the AI technology helps Hootsuite keep up with industry trends by analysing competitors’ activity in real-time so it can quickly adjust its algorithms to ensure better user engagement.

Overview of Heyday

Heyday is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to help small businesses and marketers streamline their social media content management. With a simple and intuitive interface, Heyday helps users quickly find content, curate it according to their needs, schedule it for the right times, and measure its performance on their channels. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Heyday cuts down the time spent curating social media content to a few clicks.

Heydays allows users to create campaigns tailored around key topics they care about and matches them with relevant posts from various public networks. The AI then filters out inappropriate assets or of low quality as well as automatically detects text in images/videos.

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This enables marketers and businesses to keep track of every post they share on any channel and monitor their campaigns’ performance based on metrics such as engagement rate, reach or impressions. Furthermore Heyday’s advanced analytics can help users identify which topics are resonating (or not) with customers.

Benefits of the Acquisition

Last month, Hootsuite announced its acquisition of Heyday, a leading AI technology company, for CA$60 million. The acquisition marks a significant milestone for Hootsuite and its users, as Heyday’s AI technology will help Hootsuite provide more powerful and intelligent solutions that can improve customer experience and maximise efficiency. Let’s dive into the details and explore how Heyday’s AI technology will benefit Hootsuite.

AI-Powered Insights

With the acquisition of Heyday, Hootsuite will have access to Heyday’s powerful AI technology, which will provide valuable insights into customer behaviours and preferences. By leveraging these insights, companies can optimise their customer experiences and engage with their audience better.

AI-powered insights provide deeper customer segmentation and a better understanding of individual customers. This allows companies to create more customised offerings tailored to specific customer needs. AI-powered insights can also be used to identify hidden patterns and trends in customer behaviour that can be used to inform marketing strategies.

Additionally, AI technology helps companies build more intelligent messaging and customer engagement systems for improved ROI. AI technology can help automate conversations with customers at scale without losing the personal touch that is so important for successful engagement. It also eliminates manual processes like creating customer surveys by automatically collecting customer data through chatbots or other methods. Companies who invest in advanced insight technologies such as those from Heyday will benefit from increased efficiency and profitability as well as better informed marketing decisions.

Improved Customer Service

Acquiring Heyday’s AI technology will enable Hootsuite to provide improved customer service, with automated assistance for users. This AI-based technology can respond quickly and accurately to customer queries, making it easier for customers to find the help and information they need.

In addition, this technology allows Hootsuite to speed up the detection and resolution of customer issues that could otherwise take hours or days to investigate. Automating routine tasks frees up more time for employees to focus on resolving more complex support issues and providing personalised assistance.

Heyday’s AI-powered platform can also improve customer loyalty by anticipating their needs or offering proactive recommendations based on past experiences or purchases.

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This helps customers identify relevant products faster and makes buying easier, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, by taking a more tailored approach, Hootsuite will be better positioned to engage with customers who feel understood and valued.

Automated Content Creation

The acquisition of Heyday allows Hootsuite to leverage their artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help users more easily manage content creation, media monitoring and analytics. Through AI-driven automation, the content creation process is much simpler than before.

AI tools can gather data and insights from multiple sources to generate an optimised plan for creating content that aligns with user goals and objectives. In addition to better understanding users’ audience and objectives, AI technology can create cross-channel content that can be used across platforms quickly and effectively.

Moreover, automated content creation also makes the process of creating rich multimedia campaigns much easier. AI-enabled tools can access high quality images from a range of resources, then select those most closely resonate with Hootsuite users’ goals and target audience. This helps drive engagement for higher ROI on ad campaigns by ensuring that the most relevant visual content is used as part of each campaign.

Overall, this streamlined approach gives users more time for tasks such as creating additional targeted content or conducting further analysis into campaign performance through A/B testing or other tactics. In addition, by leveraging Heyday’s AI technology, Hootsuite will give its users access to powerful tools that enable them to create more enticing campaigns with higher conversion rates quickly and efficiently — allowing them to have even more impactful results across their social media efforts.

How Heyday’s AI Technology Will Help Hootsuite

Hootsuite recently announced their acquisition of AI leader Heyday for CA$60 Million, signalling their commitment to providing their customers with the most modern AI technology. Heyday’s AI technology will undoubtedly bolster Hootsuite’s existing data analytics platform, providing users with more efficient and accurate insights. This article will discuss how Heyday’s AI technology can help Hootsuite become a top data analytics platform.

Automation of Social Media Management

Heyday’s AI technology is deeply integrated into Hootsuite’s social media management platform to provide its users with automated, AI-driven recommendations for optimising their marketing messages. In addition, the AI technology answers key questions about social media management to:

1. Automatically create and target content to boost engagement.

2. Personalise messages based on customer demographics and preferences.

3. Identify trends in data that could influence future campaigns.

4. Significantly reduce the time needed to manage a social media presence.

5. Detects patterns in user postings that can make future posts more effective and tailored to their interests or needs.

6. Accurately measure ROI (return on investment) metrics such as clicks and conversions, so you can truly assess the impact of your campaigns over time.

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7. Enable businesses to plan with well-targeted campaigns and offers tailored for specific customer segments or demographics at designated times during the year or month – like festive offers for holidays or birthdays, or seasonal sales for summertime shopping parties!

Improved Targeting and Engagement

Heyday’s AI technology provides a strong platform to boost Hootsuite’s targeting and engagement capabilities. The algorithms integrated into Heyday’s geomarketing technology are designed to provide relevant customer data to accurately predict and target the right audience. Additionally, their advanced intelligence and data-driven insights help inform specific customer behaviour, allowing you to refine your campaigns more quickly.

Through geo-fencing, Heyday’s AI enables precise location-based targeting that can be used with demographic and lifestyle profiling to reach audiences more effectively. Geofencing allows you to set geographical boundaries around an area, enabling geomarketing campaigns that include real-time tracking of consumers within those areas or even fine-tune campaigns based on the seasonality or time of day aspects associated with the area.

Furthermore, Heyday’s automated artificial intelligence technology can also be used for customer segmentation to engage relevant customers more effectively through targeted messaging based on their interests or recent activities. This ensures maximum engagement with high return on investment (ROI). The accurate profiling and targeting ensure that marketers can reach out only relevant customers thus bringing down the cost and amplifying ROI multiple times faster than traditional marketing methods that rely heavily on demographics segmentation and manual settings optimization

Automated Reporting and Analysis

Heyday’s AI technology offers a suite of automated reporting and analysis capabilities that can help Hootsuite to assess the performance of their social media campaigns. Heyday’s platform can automatically gather data from all major social platforms and turn it into actionable insights.

Heyday’s reporting capabilities include real-time insights on content reach, user behaviour, sentiment analysis, audience engagement and more. This can allow Hootsuite to track engagement on its social channels over time, identify areas for improvement, analyse how different audiences engage with its content and optimise campaigns based on this information.

Heyday’s AI technology also offers advanced predictive analytics capabilities. By learning from historical data patterns, Heyday can analyse current trends and forecast which content will perform best with target audiences in the future. This knowledge can help Hootsuite to fine-tune their marketing strategies for maximum impact in terms of reach, engagement and ROI.


This article has addressed how Hootsuite’s recent acquisition of AI leader Heyday for CA$60 Million will help the company in the future. Heyday can provide Hootsuite with a better customer service experience through machine learning. Heyday will also help Hootsuite save money and time by providing an automated system for customer service inquiries. In conclusion, this acquisition looks profitable for Hootsuite, as the AI technology will help them increase efficiency and provide better customer service.

Summary of Benefits

Heyday’s AI technology offers a suite of powerful tools that can help Hootsuite optimise their marketing performance and drive extraordinary results. Leveraging these features and benefits, businesses can unlock data-driven insights to quickly identify and capitalise on opportunities in real-time.

The combination of Heyday’s AI technology with Hootsuite’s existing platform will enable Hootsuite to make informed decisions about their target audience, marketing strategy, content placement, and other essential functionality. By leveraging the power of multiple data sources in near-real-time, teams can create a more accurate picture of customer behaviour and sentiment to better inform their decision making. Additionally, integrating AI into their platform gives them the intelligence they need to adjust on the fly to remain competitive.

Heyday’s AI technology makes it easier for teams at Hootsuite to design effective campaigns across channels with greater efficiency and accuracy than ever before. This innovative solution allows users to take full advantage of predictive analytics capabilities combined with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to make better decisions faster than ever. At the same time, it helps ensure consistent brand authenticity while strengthening relationships with customers over time and uncovering new opportunities for performance improvement every step.

Future Outlook

The integration of Heyday’s AI technology has revolutionised how Hootsuite operates and provides users with an improved experience across nearly all aspects of its platform. Utilising AI-driven automation, users can now delegate tasks and save time by automating mundane workflow processes. In addition, automated customer service through AI-based chatbots will save money and reduce response times and customer frustration with more accurate answers.

Looking ahead, Heyday’s AI technology will continue to benefit Hootsuite in several ways. Streamlining operations can reduce costs, improve customer service, and empower employees to focus on more complex tasks. Furthermore, the automated insights provided by Heyday can help inform better decision making and further optimise internal procedures. As the capabilities of this technology become more expansive, so will its potential to bring both organisations closer towards their long term objectives.

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