This is a question that many Australian homeowners ask as they strive to find a good removal contractor to relocate all their personal possessions. Of course, it can be stressful to watch a team of strangers manhandle your treasured items, and if you are looking for the best removal contractor that services your area, here are some of the qualities you would find in a top-rated removalist.

  • Rapid response – When you make an inquiry with a quality removals company, you should receive a very quick response; a good removal contractor is customer-focused, and nothing is too much trouble when it comes to customer requests.
  • Competitive pricing – A removal contractor should be competitive regarding costs; most homeowners ask several contractors for a quote, and that means a company that is overpriced wouldn’t stay in business for long. By asking for several quotes, you won’t be overcharged, plus you can assess each contractor’s attitude and demeanor and make an informed decision; it is worth remembering that perhaps the cheapest is not the best.
  • Reliability – Check the online customer testimonials and find out when the removalist started their business; try to avoid one-man shows, as a vehicle breakdown could result in disaster. An established removal company would have a fleet of trucks and a lot of employees, so there is no fear of cancellation.
  • Comprehensive Service – A good removal contractor offers a comprehensive service, which means they supply the packing materials and offer a complete solution, from packing to setting out the furniture.
  • Service with a smile – It is nice when you deal with happy, smiling people, and a top removal company would have staff that are focused on making the customer happy. Staff who meet clients would be trained in customer service and would give the client the feeling that they are special. Click here for tips on designing a small kitchen.
  • Transparency – When you receive the invoice, every detail and cost should be listed; labor, transportation and materials should all be listed so the customer knows exactly where their money is going.
  • Fully insured – While the removal team would take the greatest of care, accidents can and do happen, which is why the removal company should be insured for every eventuality. If a valuable piece of art is damaged during transit, at least you will be compensated.
  • Interstate & international removals – A good removalist would cover all regions of Australia and a long list of foreign countries. Most removal companies use sea containers, as they can be pre-loaded and easily transported by road, rail, or air. If, for example, you are preparing to relocate to the Northern Territories from NSW, the removal company can leave an empty container at your home, and you can start to pack items you don’t use.

If you have decided to relocate, start with an online search to find websites of established removal companies and make a few inquiries, you are ready to make an informed decision.

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