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South Africa’s financial technology company Ozow recently raised $48 million in a Series B investment round. This investment has enabled Ozow to fuel its expansion into new markets. This success story is a testament to the great opportunities in the African tech space.

This article will explore why Ozow raised $48 million in a Series B investment round.

Overview of Ozow

Ozow is a South African based payments fintech company that simplifies and streamlines how consumers make and collect payments. The company enables customers to pay for goods and services quickly, securely, easily and without using cash or a traditional payment card such as a credit or debit card. Founded in 2014, Ozow has grown rapidly and serves customers across the African continent—transaction volumes have increased tenfold in the past twelve months alone.

Having focused on building shareholder value by creating long-term relationships with their customers, Ozow completed its Series B funding round earlier this year, raising $48M in funding from various investors. This significant investment allows the company to continue investing in its technology platform while focusing on product innovation across key markets.

The firm’s vision of becoming the preferred payment method offered by merchants remains at the core of what drives innovation at Ozow, to provide an end-to-end user experience that puts customer experience first. Through product engineering and data science initiatives, Ozow continues to develop cutting-edge products with all aspects of money movement being cornerstones of these offers—from Checkout Security Services for online payments to Shared Payments Platforms which enable shared liability models between banks and merchants amongst other innovations.

Overview of Series B funding

Series B funding is a venture capital financing round that typically follows the initial Series A financing round. Companies that reach this stage usually have gained enough validation from their Series A to seek further growth capital. Typically, companies raising money in a Series B will already have some traction and customer validation.

During a Series B, businesses typically focus on scaling their operations and growing their customer base. This could involve team expansion, investment into marketing activities, or development of new products or features for existing ones.

Raising money in a Series B usually signals to investors that the business has achieved early success and has started to gain momentum, making it an attractive opportunity for potential investors. For example, investors may be keen to get involved with a well-positioned business within its sector and show promise of growth in the months ahead—with more customer acquisition, more sales and possibly more acquisitions or partnerships with other companies in pursuit of market dominance.

As such, when businesses successfully raise money in a Series B, it can indicate confidence from both investors and customers—in terms of the company’s future trajectory and prospects for success. Given all this, successful fundraising at this stage often results in higher funding rounds then what was initially sought by the business leading them to close bigger funding rounds than expected—such as the case here with our example business receiving $48 million in a series B funding round!

South Africa’s Ozow rakes in $48m Series B investment

South Africa’s Ozow raked in an impressive $48 million in a Series B round of funding. This influx of capital is a testament to the company’s impressive growth, which has been developing a secure and innovative payments platform.

Let’s explore what led to Ozow’s success and the implications of this impressive funding round.

Expansion of Ozow’s product offering

Ozow was launched in 2018 to provide customers with a secure, convenient, affordable way to pay for goods and services. Their goal was to create a payment solution that is straightforward for customers, as well as cost-effective for merchants. Ozow has since become a trusted partner by offering robust real-time payments solutions designed to scale with the growing needs of businesses.

Since its inception, Ozow has grown significantly, expanding its product offering and capturing market share worldwide. The company now offers an extensive suite of products including the FastCheckout product – which enables customers to complete purchase transactions without the need to enter banking information. Ozow also allows customers to securely store their payment data to make payments faster on future purchases.

By leveraging various technologies such as Machine Learning and artificial intelligence, Ozow can reduce processing costs and provide merchants with competitive savings on transaction costs – helping them increase their profitability. In addition, Ozow’s secure encryption methods also protect customer data from potential threats like fraudsters and hackers – making it even more attractive for businesses worldwide.

Their Series B funding evidences the successful expansion of Ozow’s product offering wherein they raised an additional $48 million from investors including AlphaCode Club, FNB Ventures, Goodwell Investments and Kalon Venture Partners – allowing them to continue improving their services across all markets, accelerating growth in existing regions such as Europe, North America and Africa – while simultaneously entering new geographies in order capitalise on emerging opportunities in Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions.

Ozow’s success in South Africa

Ozow has established itself as a leader in South Africa’s digital payments space in just four years. The company was founded in 2016 by notable tech entrepreneurs including Justin Watson and Thomas Pays, who wanted to simplify online payments for customers throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

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The success of Ozow can be attributed to its pioneering instant payment solution, i-pay that cuts the waiting period of traditional e-commerce transactions from four days to under two minutes. This highly convenient and safe technology has revolutionised how South Africans make online purchases, streamlining purchases and significantly reducing transaction costs. In addition, Ozow offers affordable banking solutions such as OzofyMoney, which allows users to manage their finances without banks acting as middlemen and other innovative solutions such as Pay Me Now and Point of Sale that have won multiple awards since 2018.

Since its founding, Ozow has seen immense growth across Sub-Saharan Africa. The company now boasts hundreds of thousands of customers relying on their products daily. It raised $48 million in Series B funding in 2020 after several successful rounds with venture capital firms worldwide. Beyond this significant financial investment, their corporate recognition demonstrates the success of their products and services within South Africa’s thriving digital economy.

Ozow’s presence in international markets

As a digital payments solutions provider, Ozow has tapped into a great need in the international markets. As a result, their services are growing worldwide, with an established presence in South Africa, Namibia, India and even Denmark.

This presence has been further pushed by their extensive efforts to spread the use of their system in these countries, particularly through strategic partnerships with renowned banking establishments such as Standard Bank of South Africa and Namibia’s Blue Label Bank. This comprehensive approach to sales has allowed them to expand rapidly, leading to their recently reported Series B funding that raised $48 million.

Furthermore, Ozow’s innovative blend of technology solutions offers tremendous global growth opportunities. The company is focused on becoming the most widely accepted digital payment services provider worldwide by offering efficient solutions for customers and businesses. Ozow is capable of providing customised B2B services that can include secure payment methodologies from point-of-sale integration to online hosting payments on behalf of retailers; all within a highly convenient platform designed for both customer and merchant satisfaction. By investing heavily in R&D initiatives like these, it is no surprise that Ozow raised its Series B funding high enough to elevate its presence worldwide.

Reasons for the Investment

South Africa-based payments technology provider Ozow has recently announced raising $48 million in Series B funding. This influx of capital has attracted a lot of attention, with many eager to understand the company’s potential for such a large investment.

This article will investigate the reasons behind this investment and what it could mean for Ozow.

Ozow’s strong leadership team

One of the primary reasons Ozow’s Series B funding round was so successful is the company’s strong leadership team. Hanno Van Der Merwe, the company’s CEO, has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry and brings knowledge to Ozow. He is ably supported by Chief Operating Officer, Amelia Osborne-Smith and Chief Financial Officer, Marius Stander who both offer a balanced blend of corporate and operational experience.

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The Ozow team comprises more than 70 committed individuals carefully selected for their relevant skills and capabilities spanning software engineering, product development and financial industry expertise. Combining these industry-leading experts gives clients peace of mind that their online payments are secure.

Supported by a solid leadership team with considerable technical know-how, Ozow can confidently respond to client requirements while positioning itself as one of South Africa’s leading Fintech services providers. As such, it is no surprise that investors were so keen to be part of this exciting venture.

Ozow’s innovative technology

Ozow is a South African payment technology company that recently secured $48 million in Series B funding from a group of international investors from across Europe, Africa and North America. Ozow’s innovative technology allows consumers to make online payments without having to manually enter their credit card details. This simplifies the process, making it quicker and more secure.

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The new capital raised by Ozow will be used to help expand the company and grow its reach within South Africa and beyond. With this additional funding, Ozow plans to develop its automated payment solutions even further, accelerate innovation around enhancing existing products, launch in new markets, increase merchant acceptance and provide merchant service across new sectors including e-commerce.

In addition, the investment will enable Ozow to continue building strong partnerships with leading banks and institutions while further boosting its customer base on an international level. By investing in these innovative projects, such as mobile wallet integrations, Ozow hopes to create a comprehensive user experience for its increasingly growing customers.

With its groundbreaking technology solutions for digital payments, modern banking infrastructure and customer-centric approach, Ozow has positioned itself as a market leader with tremendous potential for growth – capitalising on global trends towards digital adoption of financial services thus resulting in this successful Series B fundraising round.

Ozow’s potential for growth

Ozow is positioning itself as a leading player in the digital payments industry, leveraging its cutting-edge technology to offer both merchants and consumers a safe and secure experience. By targeting multiple e-commerce verticals and expanding into international markets, Ozow’s strategy can potentially create significant growth opportunities.

In addition, Ozow’s latest funding round of USD 48 million has been intended to propel the company further in its mission to become the digital payments provider of choice for multiple markets across Africa. The funds will be used to continue development of Ozow’s payment system, offering a comprehensive set of products that meet market requirements. The expanded product offering will also help accelerate international expansion plans and drive sector-wide education around digital payments benefits.

The investment from major players such as Investec, Foschini Group and Rand Merchant Investment Holdings reflects strong confidence in Ozow’s potential for growth. In addition to leading investors, this funding round also saw participation from local families with net worth or credible business operations within tech or financial services industries in Africa, giving assurance that their demand for technological advancement is met with recognized infrastructure and sound governance practices such as compliance with regulations by competent local partners. Furthermore, furthering pioneer innovation on continentally integrated financial services with accepted encryption protocols is actively researched by these organisations which allowed Ozow to lead their respective domains garnering more trust from local players highlighted the importance of grassroots knowledge and operation centres expanding swiftly into new African frontiers.

This infusion of capital underscores an increased demand for digital payment solutions and demonstrates the secure platform that Ozow’s trusted tech brand provides throughout different jurisdictions across Africa and beyond.

Impact of the Investment

South Africa’s Ozow recently made headlines after raising $48m in Series B funding. This substantial investment has paved the way for more investment opportunities in the country and has allowed for rapid growth for the company.

It is important to look at the impact of this investment, both in terms of the company’s growth and the country’s economy. In this article, we will discuss the impact of this investment on both fronts.

Expansion of Ozow’s product offering

The Series B raise has enabled the company to expand its product offering further, bringing the total available products to 10. In addition, Ozow plans to use their new investments to launch six more products in 2021. These expansions will include payment solutions for larger businesses and enterprises, international expansion of existing products, and strategic partnerships in select European markets.

The team is hopeful that this round of investments will bring longer-term success for Ozow by providing greater financial flexibility and security for growth. Additionally, continued investment by existing stakeholders speaks volumes for their long-term goals and outlook in the market.

All current product offerings are built on a secure payments infrastructure with advanced safety features such as biometric authentication, real-time transaction monitoring, fraud detection and risk management systems – all powered by artificial intelligence. The advancements made from additional funding will enable Ozow to expand their services even further while remaining compliant with global security systems.

Increased presence in international markets

Raising $48m in Series B funding allowed the company to expand their presence in international markets. This additional funding helped to cover the costs associated with establishing new offices, hiring more employees, and acquiring new technology. It also provided additional resources for marketing efforts that increased their visibility in international markets.

This investment provided the company with a larger global footprint, enabling them to tap into international customer bases. This, in turn, opened up further growth and development opportunities that would not have been possible before the investment. As such, this funding was essential for helping them open up new potential sources of revenue that would not have been available before the injection of capital. Ultimately, it allowed them to make further investments in operational improvements and acquire skill sets from other countries that would benefit their business’s future.

Increased hiring of talent

One of the primary reasons this business secured a substantial amount for their Series B funding was to support their increased hiring goals. With the additional influx of cash, they could afford to hire more experienced personnel, expanding and diversifying their talent pool.

The additional funds from the investment round can help accomplish other objectives such as developing new products or services, automating existing processes, offering competitive salaries and benefits packages, conducting market research to better understand customer trends and preferences, or even acquiring competitors or partnering with existing companies.

In addition to recruiting new talent from outside the organisation, employee retention is also a priority due to this investment. With generous employee incentives offered through benefits packages and more attractive salaries, current team members will be less likely to leave the company due to compensation issues. Employee retention has proved invaluable in retaining valuable experience within an organisation and ensuring that projects get completed on time and budget. This increased stability can contribute to future success of a small business.

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