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Target Global, a European venture capital firm, led the $150M series C round. The investment will leverage Branded suite of solutions to help eCommerce businesses consolidate and expand their presence on Amazon Marketplace.

This fundraising round solidifies Branded as a major consolidator and innovator in the eCommerce industry and evidences the growth of the Amazon Marketplace model.

Overview of Branded

Branded is powering the future of food discovery by reimagining how fans of food can find and order their favourite food online. Branded is a digital platform that allows customers to customise and order meals from their favourite restaurant directly from their mobile device. Through its online website, Branded makes personalised restaurant menus available that customers can customise with toppings and side options, making ordering efficient and enjoyable. The company also features real-time customer reviews and ratings, personalised recommendations based on past orders, group ordering capabilities, and comprehensive customer loyalty programs.

In 2019, technology venture firm Target Global led Branded $150 million series C funding round with support from additional investors including Daher Capital, JamJar Investments, Mangrove Capital Partners, Marius Nacht (of Check Point Software), Peter Thiel (founder of PayPal), Sistema VC, Waypoint Capital Partners and several other leading venture capitalists. Target Global’s investment allowed Branded to continue to create unique customer experiences with several new services such as an in-app payments system for corporate clients’ orders and a one-click checkout for restaurant orders. In addition, this funding participation in this round also allowed Target Global to acquire a more prominent role within the startup’s business strategy. Overall through their strategic partnership both companies have been able to expand on their successes with innovative digital experiences for customers worldwide.

Overview of Target Global

Target Global is an international venture capital firm investing in early and growth stage companies. Founded in 2014, the firm has raised over $1.7 billion across seven funds to invest in fintech, marketplace and software businesses throughout Europe and Israel. Target Global backs founders with resources to grow their businesses and has made over 130 investments in companies such as Delivery Hero, Glispa, Home24 and Cross Engage. The firm also provides entrepreneurs access to a network of experts to help them manage the financials of their businesses, refine their business strategies and unlock growth potential. Target Global’s team includes:

  • 30 professionals located across its Berlin headquarters.
  • Offices in Tel Aviv and London.
  • Partner offices in Moscow and Madrid.

The firm recently led Branded $150 million Series C funding round, one of the largest early stage venture financing rounds for a European company during the 2019-20 fundraising window. The round saw participation from returning investors Pitango Venture Capital (Israel), Earlybird (Germany) VCs along with prominent new investors including Admiral Investments (Luxembourg), Source Ventures (Sweden) and Oxx (UK). This financing will help Branded make strategic acquisitions, boost its existing product line with more competitive offerings across Europe thus providing M&A opportunities for growing startups.

The Investment

Target Global recently announced that it led Branded’s $150M round of financing. The investment will help Branded, an Amazon Marketplace consolidator, expand its logistics and customer service capabilities. This brings the total amount of money invested in Branded to over $250M, a testament to the company’s success and potential.

In this article, we will explore the investment and the potential benefits for both parties.

Target Global’s Investment

Target Global is one of the leading venture capital funds in Europe. Founded in 2011, they have invested in companies such as, Utterly and Comparably, and emerging technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The fund has recently closed a $150 million investment round into Branded Virtual Goods, Inc., a leading digital goods provider for online gaming, social network and other entertainment experiences. This marks Target Global’s largest investment to date. It will help Branded support its global growth strategy through deeper customer engagement with partner ecosystems, an expanded strategic portfolio of virtual items for online gaming, new technologies for content personalization across platforms, and increased opportunities for lifestyle brands on their sites.

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Target Global’s extensive experience working with innovators across the full range of technology sectors made them uniquely adept at helping scale this rapidly growing industry leader. By investing in Branded platform and diversified product portfolio, Target Global will unlock access to new markets and even greater potential within existing ones. In addition to international market expansion opportunities, Target Global will be looking to help strategically beyond just the capital invested – leveraging their vast network of partners in Europe to help Branded truly reach the next level of global operations. With this round completed successfully it looks like only up from here!

Details of the Investment

Branded, Inc. has announced their latest round of funding which was co-led by the venture capital firm Target Global and InvestIndustry, with participation from various strategic and financial investors. The $150M Series C fund raising follows an initial funding round worth $8M a year ago and is expected to drive the company’s ambitious plans for further growth in the coming years.

The investment exemplifies how Target Global’s blend of expertise can benefit emerging technology companies. With deep local knowledge and strong support from international partners, the investment provides Branded with valuable experience across markets to build on their successes. On top of this, InvestIndustry understands what drives early-stage businesses, giving them access to key people and resources which will be crucial for their development in the future.

The funds received from this investment will be used to continue Branded expansion into sectors such as digital advertising, marketing services and software development. Thanks to this partnership between highly experienced investors, Branded can now look ahead to further opportunities to serve customers globally while working towards achieving better results in their current operations.

Target Global leads $150M round for Amazon Marketplace consolidator Branded

Target Global’s recent $150M investment in Amazon Marketplace consolidator Branded exemplifies the increasing interest in European digital marketplaces.

This investment enables Branded to expand their reach and capabilities to better meet the needs of their customers.

This article will explore the benefits of this investment for both Branded and Target Global.

Branded’s  Expansion

Branded, a tech-enabled restaurant group, recently announced its $150 million investment round led by Target Global. This funding will provide Branded with the resources to further expand its worldwide presence and grow its portfolio of restaurants. The private equity investor will be joining existing investors, including Hope&Glory and Rebellion Partners.

Target Global’s decision to invest in Branded was guided by their belief that the company’s business model offers exciting opportunities for growth in key markets around the world. Branded is well placed to take advantage of this opportunity. It provides an innovative solution designed to meet the changing needs of modern restaurant businesses while providing customers with a better food experience across channels – online and online-to-offline delivery services.

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With this investment, Branded can increase capacity, bolster their suite of cloud-based software products, optimise operational processes and develop more engaging customer experiences. The aim is to use technology to reduce costs while improving quality and increasing efficiency within its restaurant network. Additionally, it plans on gaining competitive advantages in restaurant services through greater data analytics capabilities and new technological developments such as AI-driven robotics used in kitchen operations that may eventually augment or even replace traditional wait staff roles in branded restaurants worldwide.

Furthermore, the investment provides an avenue for expanding into new geographic markets and managing existing ones from a single integrated platform managed from one central location (HQ). As such there are huge benefits for existing investors who can now look forward to yields created by new regional experiences quickly scaling up operations which should create jobs, attract customers with improved food experience options all from within one consolidated platform managed from one central location (HQ).

Target Global’s Benefits

As a global venture capital company with offices in Europe, North America and Asia, Target Global’s mission is to partner with the world’s best entrepreneurs to build the next generation of category-defining technology companies. Through their latest investment round in Branded, Target Global will gain access to a range of long-term benefits that includes:

1. Learning about the quickly developing startup scene: By investing in Branded, Target Global gains exposure to Europe’s fast-paced and innovation-driven startup industry.

2. Participating in early stage investments: Early stage investments are highly vulnerable since many fail due to lack of resources or market traction. However, with Target Global’s expertise and experience, they may advise Branded on effective strategies as they scale up their business.

3. Accessing capital and resources from international investors: With a span of investors from around the world, Ternary Global has access to the capital required for such major investments and resources for Branded growth initiatives locally or globally.

4. Networking opportunities across various sectors: By partnering with various successful startups, Target Global gets access to portfolio companies and founders and entrepreneurs sharing their experiences from multiple sectors/industries and markets. This enables Target Global even greater insights into relevant industries beyond digital businesses like ecommerce and social media platforms.

What’s Next for Branded

Branded, the Amazon Marketplace consolidator, recently closed its $150M Series C funding round led by Target Global. This investment round highlights the importance of online marketplaces and the potential for consolidators like Branded to change the market.

With this additional funding, what is the next step for Branded? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Future Plans

Target Global, an early-growth venture capital firm, recently led a $150M investment round in Branded, which specialises in producing customised apparel and accessories. This follows Branded’s successful 2017 Series A funding round and valued the company at nearly $450M. So what are Target Global’s plans for Branded going forward?

The investment will mainly support Branded’s aggressive global expansion plans. With plans to break into 17 new markets including Japan, Dubai and Canada while significantly boosting its presence throughout Europe and America, Target Global aims to help accelerate the company’s growth.

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In addition to furthering their international presence, Target Global has clarified that they will also focus on further developing the company’s innovative technology for product personalization and design automation. The firm is also expected to help fund Branded’s new retail outlets across Germany with 3000 projected locations in 2020 alone.

Target Global understands that customers today demand more customization according to their individual needs, abilities and inclinations. Therefore, their focus lies when it comes down to investing in companies such as Branded. Through careful guidance alongside immense resources available at hand, Target Global has provided a pathway for success which will benefit both parties, investors and customers alike.

Growth Opportunities

Branded has identified several growth opportunities based on recent investments. Branded mission as a personalised omnichannel marketplace is to enable clients to access their products through platforms they already use, while creating amazing experiences for shoppers.

The company plans to offer targeted campaigns to increase personalization and convert anonymous site visitors into loyal customers through its integrated marketing platform. Through the new funding, Branded’s technology suite will be enhanced and expanded across mobile app and web platforms, allowing merchants to better serve customers through intelligent commerce. Additionally, Branded aims to double down on their focus on international markets, emphasising Southeast Asia and India by collaborating with global leaders in eCommerce such as Target Global for resources, expertise, and best practices.

Furthermore, Branded will leverage the new capital infusion for continual development of its AI automation Platform – allowing for customization at scale though improved actions recommendations; automated bid optimizations; and in-depth endpoint metrics designed specifically for performance marketing. By improving core features like these and more expandable features such as targeting at scale far beyond traditional techniques – merchants can more efficiently acquire customers at an unprecedented rate of efficiency. This can create a cost saving experience that translates into a better value proposition on any merchant’s channels or Branded services they utilise while empowering them in the current landscape of digital commerce realisation.

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