Despite the fact that many large commissions condemn many game projects, interpreting them as detrimental to children and adults, provoking and encouraging a love of violence.

Most of the minuses are old-fashioned and are not the only factor that significantly affects the human psyche, but the shooter has many more pluses, and we’ll talk about them today.


Games erased the limitation between movies and books, giving the player the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the proposed story and independently experience their role and its impact on the overall development of the plot.

This means that when playing as a stormtrooper in Destiny 2, it is you who influence the course of the battle between humans and alien invaders, it is your squad that defeats the enemy, and it is you who receive rewards for victory, and do not read about another book hero, or look at a famous movie actor.

In games, action takes place always and everywhere, and you feel it right next to you and on yourself.

In the Lightfall update, you will be able to personally go to the planet Neptune in Destiny 2 and be the first to set foot on new and unexplored lands in order to complete tasks, glory and continue the mission of people to conquer space.

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You can read about all the features of Destiny 2 and the new Lightfall update in a special Destiny 2 Blog, with constant updates of up-to-date information.

Development of Accuracy And Reaction

What is accuracy and reaction is the speed of response to a sharp change in the situation and the ability to accurately and accurately respond and take the appropriate action.

Starting from catching a phone that fell out of your hands, ending with an instant reaction when driving to a millimeter change in the situation and avoiding an accident.

Accuracy develops due to the constant need to translate a small sight – a cross in the center of the screen at opponents and preferably aimed at the head to cause maximum damage. Sooner or later it becomes a habit, and you will begin to act with good accuracy in all aspects of your life – clearly and quickly, and most importantly, accurately hit small objects and be able to keep them in your field of vision.

The reaction develops due to the constant change of environment and the need to counteract dangers and new challenges.

For example, if you constantly accept challenges and spontaneous appearances of an enemy that you need to quickly react to, aim and shoot in order to save your life and health.

If you constantly play shooters, then soon you will feel how your level of reaction will improve – this will be displayed at the slightest change in the situation, which will no longer be able to pass by your eyes.

Leadership And Team Play

Most online and social games awaken and develop in players the ability and desire to lead other players as a leader, or to play effectively in a team.

The development of leadership skills will occur in those players who have the germs of leadership behavior, but did not have a vital reason to implement it for a number of reasons.

To successfully visit and complete the most difficult and interesting modes, dungeons, raids and PVP events, you need to join or create your own battle group.

A good leader who forms a squad must take into account the list of necessary roles for successful completion, pick up the current equipment and weapons, level, and only after picking up experienced and good players will he go through the dungeon or other dangerous zone.

Leadership comes from big and small mistakes. You will learn to distinguish good players from bad ones, direct your squad’s actions for maximum efficiency, get your way in negotiations with group representatives, or simply not take such players with you in the future.

Playing in a team has similar principles, but good teammates are formed due to extensive gaming experience, respect for the leader and high-quality performance in their duties in the group.

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A leader is one who has gathered the right people around him.

Teamwork means that each person is in his place and performs his duties honestly and with a high rate of dedication.

Players and just people who do not give all their best because of the belief that no one will appreciate it anyway make a big mistake.

Just the same, if your efforts are not appreciated, but you still give all your best, you will definitely find another group, or you will be lured into it by those who just lack a performer of this level and with such an attitude to their duties. This principle works both in games like Destiny 2 and in a real workplace.

Leadership works in a similar way – you want and need to form around yourself comfortable and pleasant people-players with whom you can develop on the project and communicate in real life.

Gradually, leadership skills can lead to the opening of your own business, where similar principles will operate, but with a more complex economic component.

The secret is actually the desire to communicate and the desire to build a dialogue with other players, but with a clear understanding of who is comfortable and who is not.

You should not fill your contact list with players with whom there is no connection and different views on life and the game in general.

Gradually, attempts at relationships will develop into a habit and become a pleasant addition to the number of skills, with the ability to immediately cut off unpleasant and unsuitable people and players for communication.

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