The organisation of the internal and external space of the project of a house for a large family is very different from a similar place for one person. Therefore, it would be best if you ensured that the home is comfortable for everyone. If you lack some resources for that, check live casino Canada and forget about this problem.

When choosing an architectural project for a house for a large family, focus on the area. The minimum should be 150 sq. m. Then, remember that if there are a lot of you, there may simply not be a place for solitude. Therefore, it is better to take from 200 meters or more.

Number of Storey

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The presence of two or more floors is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, this can greatly increase the area of ​​the house. Separate the work area and the recreation area.

But there are also some disadvantages.

When it’s time to sleep, your whole family will be pushing on the stairs (if there are not two stairs, of course). With different daily regimens of family members at night, someone can constantly wander up and down and interfere with sleep. And, the biggest drawback, is if someone in the family is inactive, you will have to equip the stairs with special wheelchairs or lifts. But all these are details and rather exceptions to the rules than general trends. Otherwise, several floors will save you both space and money.You can decorate the second floor both fully and create a living area on the attic floor – under the roof.

Distance Between Rooms And Corridors

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In a large family, everything should be close at hand. Therefore, the more compact you are, the better. And when designing a house, you should avoid long corridors and non-functional walk-through rooms.

Place the kitchen next to the dining room or living room. A staircase in a country house is better to put closer to the center. The sanitary area (bath and toilet) should not be placed too close to the dining room, but it should not be pushed in completely either.

To do this, you can both look for suitable architectural designs of houses, and turn to professionals. Some construction companies can provide you with the whole project of the house so it can ease your search.

Highlight separate zones where you should not randomly place rooms around the area of the house. For example, create a guest room on the ground floor. There should be a kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and playroom. And on the second floor, leave room for bedrooms and offices.In this case, guest bedrooms can be placed both on the first and second floors, depending on the available space.

Rooms In The House

The kitchen, dining room, and living room rooms should allocate space on the first floor. They can be either combined or separate. Decorate the kitchen to your taste, but the dining room needs to be done for your family with up to seven extra places for guests.

The living room can be placed closer to the dining area if it involves a relaxing holiday. But if it is rather a place for collective games, then it can be moved further away. They are unlikely to be there.

There are two main ways to arrange guest bedrooms. The first is to be close to guest areas. For example, on the ground floor, a little further from the living room. This will allow the owners of the house to maintain the inviolability of their personal territory, and at the same time leave the guests in peace if the children are still small and create a lot of noise even at night. The second is to place it together with the master bedrooms. It will be difficult to maintain intimacy in this case, but your guests will not feel crowded out, and all bedrooms will be grouped in one place.

The ideal option is to move the bedrooms to the second floor. If you have a one-story house, then they can be placed either in some separate corner or set along the perimeter of the outer walls of the house. Then each family member will need the same time to get to the “public” corners.

The most basic thing in planning sewer systems: bathrooms should be on each floor. If the house is spacious enough, then you can have several per floor, but you shouldn’t go too far with this – you yourself understand. Also take into account the fact that with a single bathroom for the house, queues will form around it. In conclusion, as we have mentioned one of the best choices is to ask a specialist who would provide the right project according to your demands.

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